📡 250GB Starting @ 10$/m – R1Soft Bare Metal backups 🏢No Gimmicks! 🗓️Since 2013

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

Hostabulous, No Gimmicks Webhosting! | Proudly Canadian
We have been in business since 2001 under the fusionX brand, targeting local business customers (Canada, Québec).
We rebranded to Hostabulous in late 2013 to provide the same service, reliability and agressive pricing to a world wide audience.

█ We are not resellers, we maintain and admin our own physical servers (no VPS).
█ Our servers administrators are in the web hosting industry for more than a decade.
█ We keep our servers as fast as possible and not oversold for maximum stability & security.
█ Servers are always up to date, and monitored 24/7 for any hardware or network issues.
█ Unlike some competitors, that pretend 24/7 support but are unable to resolve your issues quickly, our support staff works from 8:30am to midnight (EST) 7 days a week, and will resolve any issues you may have.

If you have any questions please submit a support ticket. 🙂

R1Soft plans highlights

Fast – Backup in minutes with Server Backup Manager using continuous data protection
Multi-tenant – Multi-tenant policies retain separation between customers
Multi-platform – Windows, Linux, Physical and Virtual environments
Flexible Data Recovery – From single files to a bare metal restore
1 free Agent (server) – with every plan, extra Agents are 6$/m
Backup MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Control Panels – no extra charges
AES-256 Encryption
100% white label
Unlimited bandwidth
Custom plan up to 17TB!

All prices are recurring, no traps!


CPU: Intel E5-2620v2 (6 cores, 12 threads)
HDD: 12x4TB RAID10 Enterprise HDDs
NETWORK: up to 3Gbps (10Gbps card)

R1Soft backups


250GB                        500GB                        1TB                        2TB
$10/m                        $20/m                        $40/m                        $80/m
250GB quota                500GB quota                1TB quota                2TB quota
Unlimited BW                Unlimited BW                Unlimited BW                Unlimited BW
MySQL/MS SQL free        MySQL/MS SQL free        MySQL/MS SQL free        MySQL/MS SQL free
Exchange & CP enabled        Exchange & CP enabled        Exchange & CP enabled        Exchange & CP enabled
1 free agent                1 free agent                1 free agent                1 free agent
SIGN UP                SIGN UP                SIGN UP                SIGN UP

Please visit us: https://www.hostabulous.com
Sales: https://my.hostabulous.com (from 9am to midnight EST)
ToS: https://www.hostabulous.com/tos


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