Advertising forums’ minimum posting requirements updated

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This has been on my mind for a while now and today I am finally ready to make the following adjustment to our marketplace forums. This rule update concerns web hosting related advertising only.

A few years ago we have introduced a rule that required members to have 14 days of active membership and 25 posts in selected forums in order to start a thread in the marketplace. It was an excellent idea because it demotivated a lot of non-serious folks (post and run) from participating and retained serious enthusiasts and professionals who were in this business long-term.

Over the same years we have also developed new effective techniques to fight and prevent spammers of all kinds, be those bots or humans, and pro-active moderation have enabled effective control over the quality of content being posted.

Given the above, today we are decreasing these requirements to 10 days of active membership and 15 posts in selected forums of Web Hosting Forums and Operating a Web Hosting Business sections.

This change will further motivate new members from participating and reduce the number of older conversations from being bumped.

All appropriate descriptions and announcements were updated to reflect this rule change. If you see something that was not, please do let us know.


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