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A new year is in full swing and now it’s time to get back to work. It’s time to grow those forums and blogs, time to beef up that resume, and time to hire a helping hand. The professionals at Paid Forum Posting can help you with all of that and more. Our name may be "Paid Forum Posting" but we do so much more than that. Here is a run down of our current services:


Paid Forum posting staff can provide you with articles on the topic of your choice and the length that you require. We can create both standard and SEO articles for your forum, blog, or website. All article contentis 100% original and belongs solely to you upon delivery.

Social Media Management*

Social media management is a service offered by Paid Forum Posting. When you order these service packages, one of our social media managers will consult with you about your social media needs. They will provide relevant posts for your social media outlets and interact with your followers to help keep them engaged with you.*

Resume Services

Need a new resume but can’t bear the thought of doing it yourself? That’s okay the professionals at Paid Forum Posting can do it for you. Resume services include an extensive consultation about your past work history and your future employment goals. These services also include up to 3* revisions if necessary.*

Virtual Assisting Services**

Paid Forum Posting now offers virtual assisting services! Do you need someone to return phone calls, set up appointments,* return correspondence, type up the minutes to a meeting, or any other clerical task? Our virtual assistants are ready to get busy working for you!

Proof-reading and Editing

We now offer proof-reading and editing services as well. Be it your thesis or your recently completed novella the editors at Paid Forum Posting we read through your document line by line and word by word. These services include*a highlighted copy of the original text showing you all of the changes that have been made.*

Forum Posting

Of course as our name suggests, we do indeed offer forum posting packages. Whether you just need to re-engage your members, or you are just starting a forum, our professional writers have just the posts you need. Our writers are comfortable writing about any topic,*all posts are 25 words in length or longer, and all posts are relevant to the conversation. Our writers specialize in blending in with your regular members to keep things looking as natural as possible.*

The professionals at Paid Forum Posting are ready and waiting to get started on your project today. The purchase of any*service or package of $50 or more before January 31st will automatically enter you to win $10 of future services. Come check us out and let’s get started today!


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