Be sure to ask your host to remove any FRAUD invoices in your account!

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Or they will probably delete your website and everything without notifying you, automatically!

12/24/2012 was when I signed up with X (I’d prefer not to disclose their name right now, I’ll do so when I need to). I somehow ended up creating 2 invoices and only paying the latter one. The first one was flagged FRAUD. If I remember correctly, it seemed to be manually flagged FRAUD after this:

Just a few days ago my entire box are gone, but my subscription (Credit Card recurring) remains active. When I contacted support they got back to me:


It appears that your VPS was terminated and at this point, I am trying to determine why that was and for what reason that happened – I do see that there was a previous fraud order on the account and it’s possible that settings to protect us against fraud got more vigilante then they needed to be, though I am still looking into that. I do notice that you seem to login to the billing area through other hosted boxes which, in general, is a pretty big read flag.

My gov is known to censor how the citizens use international Internet that’s why I’m usually logged on my own VPN / hosted box provided by another US host so I can use fb and tw.


During an audit last week, the original order that you placed with us that was marked as fraud flagged your VPS as a VPS that was likely set up due to a failure in the fraud system. Usually, if an order is marked fraud folks contact us about the original fraud order so that we can change the order and have the order put through, thereby ensuring that there is nothing marked fraudulent on the account.

That’s because it was not detected as fraud by the system the instant I created the invoice. I started the ordering process once again because of some personal reasons I can’t remember right now. It’s been too long. It was my obsessive need to do something so I started all over again, creating another invoice in the system. I’m 80% sure after me paying the 2nd invoice, the 1st invoice was still not marked FRAUD.


It looks like in this case, you placed a second order for the same thing on the same day from a different IP in order to get the order through and automatically accepted. In doing do, you kept a frauded order on the account that was associated with a server of the same name, and once the anomaly was picked up during the audit your server was flagged as a fraud VPS, and terminated.

You don’t do a complete termination without notifying or at least communicating with the account owner, without BACKUP. Not to mention I was charged on 12/24/2012 and it’s been 9 months. There’s no way I can do a charge back or something.


Unfortunately because of the number of days that has passed, we do not have a backup of the VPS anymore as it would have been removed from the system within a day or so after the server was flagged and terminated for fraud.

Worst nightmare come true.


I will definitely be looking into the mechanisms of fraud orders, as the second order really shouldn’t have gone through after the first order was flagged as potentially fraudulent, but that doesn’t change the fact that we did accept the second order and due to the way our system handles fraud orders, the VPS you were using was terminated.

Again, that’s because the first order was NOT fraud at all when I created the 2nd invoice. It was after the support conversation (screenshot posted above) that it’s flagged, therefore I believe it was probably MANUALLY flagged.


I’d be happy to create another VPS for you and give you a free upgrade to the next tier to apologize for this turn of events, and I will direct Billing to manually correct your account to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

I don’t think this would be enough to compensate the loss of my data.


Here come my questions. In a situation like this,

1. Am I entitled to ask for compensations because it seems to me it’s totally their fault?

2. I guess the compensations would not exceed the amount paid to the them? So the most I can get from this is a full refund, correct?

Any input would be appreciated. My website makes about $500 per month. They are pretty good people but this really sucks.

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