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I have a VPS server with CentOS and cPanel. I want to choose a reliable server management service, at a reasonable price. Now I have several problems:

1. Although there are so many server management service companies, there are not so many reviews or ratings on them. For hosting providers, I can easily get reliable reviews from godaddy,hostgator and Server Basket but for server management service, even I try to google with keyword “server management service provider review” or “server management service provider rating”, I cannot get any comprehensive review listing at all.
2. What I need is top 3 or top 10 players in this industry. So that I can choose from them based on my requirements. But now I feel I am totally in dark.
3. You will get what you paid. So normally I will think a too cheap service will not provide good service. However, platinum server management charges only 29 USD per month, but they still have a good reputation, which makes me totally confused.
4. I try to sign up an account on platinum server management. And they provide the login details to me. I notice that the password is not strong enough(only 12 characters without any special characters), and they do not provide an easy way to update the password. It seems that their system is out-dated and the security is low. If they manage my server, surely the security of my server will also be lowered as well. Does anyone have similar worries?


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