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A couple weeks ago, Wholesale Internet were offering “free love” with every purchase.

Singlehop followed up with “free beer” with every purchase.

Beer is bad for you. And love is just a (fleeting) form of mental illness, right?

Here at Redpin, we’re doing them one better:

FREE CONDOMS with every purchase

Yep. Ten prophylactics, delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. Free.

Not just because we’re nice guys, but because we know the kind of people who buy shared hosting here on WHT, and… no offense… we don’t really want you… breeding.

When and if you grow up, you’ll thank us. Trust me.

Until then, why not feast your bloodshot eyes on our current special:

* – Hosting for up to three domains on our newest cluster – websites in California, e-mail in Illinois

* – Fully redundant DNS (California + Florida + the UK)

* – 210MB of webspace (plus 210MB of e-mail space)

* – 2.8GB of web bandwidth (e-mail is unmetered; max message size is 30MB) per month

* – End-to-end SSL-encrypted e-mail and control panels

* – Daily offsite backups

* – Kloxo + Installatron (because CPanel sucks)

* – Fast and friendly e-mail and phone support from native English speakers

* – A seven-day money-back guarantee

* – Did we mention the 10 free condoms?

…for just $2/month (paid bimonthly) or $20/year (paid annually).

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