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I try to listen a lot more than I talk, especially when it comes to my web hosting concern. In my previous thread that addressed concerns about cPanel price increase, everyone had fantastic ideas and I have gleaned a lot from this.

As much as I like CWP, my techs and I have not used this in production yet. My own network of servers that uses cPanel is migrating to Plesk which for us still costs less than what cPanel used to cost. Granted, it does not have all the bells and whistles. And the server costs in the data center I use is the same as if I installed any of the other free server management solutions.

One of the best bits of advice is offering our customers their choice in server management solutions. To me that’s a prize winner. So I am upgrading my entire network of servers, simply put. And at this point, even though I don’t want to sound blatantly honest, I’m going to be. With the price my upstream provider quoted me for cPanel when it cost increases, cPanel is fired at this point and will be removed from my entire network in less than two weeks.

Okay, here’s where the rubber meets the road. These companies that have developed for many years try to make people dependent on them. To be blatantly honest again, I’m not one of them and I am certain I will lose no hosting customers whatsoever because I have already filled them in.

And even though I like WHMCS, they don’t have a sure foot hold on my servers any longer either.

Where’s the beef? I’ll tell you where it is. And it’s NOT in the bowl of soup any more. There are a lot of companies right now who want to get a foot hold in the web hosting scenario and they are willing to either do free, or very low cost. Now, I never chose to build my company to the high end. I just hate top heavy and I always handle all the sales and support myself. I know the value in that. So in my company I kiss nobody’s tail because they think they are a host shot. I do serve my clients extremely well and any time I have to move servers or make an entire network change, I educate my customers extremely well.

If I had to rebuild my company from the ground up because of some software vendor thinking they have a foot hold on my company, they will deal with their nose bouncing off the pavement on short notice. I kid you not. I’m a professional writer, and not to boast, it’s just something that comes natural to me. So if I have to rewrite countless pages and rebuild everything I do, I’ll be on it 24/7.

When these companies who try to dominate the market do this, they get absolutely no where with me. Even before cPanel’s price increase I already began adding servers to my network, backing up every single domain I host and working on migrating my entire network. At least one major vendor is fired now from my company, and a second major one is next and I guarantee you, my company will operate better than ever because of this. I love the challenge because I improve every time and over the years when this has happened, yes, I panic a bit, but only for one evening. The very next morning I wake up with a new perspective and go at things with heightened and thankful that every ugly beast in this market eventually shows themselves.

My clients are more important to me and I have already assured them that whatever happens next, I am working feverishly to give them a choice not only in what they want, but in what they pay for their hosting.

When the big companies rise up, I fire them and my own company continues to flourish. So this is what I am sharing with you, don’t let this stuff bug you, take your coat off, roll up your sleeves, work harder and learn to type very phast!

*phew* okay, rant over. But it’s all meant for the better and I am happy to share all of this with you because many of you have helped me along the way also.


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