Cyber Host Pro : not delivering, not refunding

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I started a reseller plan with CHP in 2010, mainly because I needed an ASP.NET host with ability to give access to some customers to their panel, if needed (I just started my company at that time).

I had a few websites, but very little traffic. Things were going more or less ok, except emails reception being delayed for 15-30 min (due to “virus scanning”).

Then I started to host WordPress websites. More problems coming, slow performance, but ok it is Windows hosting, not ideal, I did not complain. Then I started a website that got a bit more visitors, but nothing big, like 150 visitors and 500 page view per day (no videos or downloads, just a news website). This website started to get very slow, random HTTP errors when traffic increased. I would try to post an article and get a blank page… Terrible.

I reported the problem a couple of times, they would refresh the application pool, until the next time. Support would tell me it’s probably my scripts (I use WordPress with very widespread plugins, quite unlikely, but who knows).So last time I complained, I said it’s the last time I do so, so they could investigate from their side. I even installed a performance plugin, trying to help.

A few days ago, it took like 3 min to reach the admin panel of the website, or display a page. Too much is too much, I decide to open a new hosting account somewhere else to see who is the culprit. I move 2 websites, included the most problematic one, and miracle : everything works very fast, while this time I have a simple shared hosting (not reseller), almost twice as cheap as what I paid to CHP since 2010. I get my emails immediately… everything works much better. I just finished moving all my websites, performance is still excellent. My websites had nothing to do with the encountered problems at Cyber Host Pro.

So I go back to CHP, asking for a refund for the remaining period, since they blamed me for the poor performance, without never investigating serioulsy the issue. But, very funny, they still say a bad script might cause this issue, and not so many hits are needed to crach/slow down a website. Heeeeelloooo ? Why is it working so well now ? A bad script would crash anywhere, wouldn’t it ? I used quite some hosting companies so far (Ikoula, HostDaddy, OVH and now PlanetHoster), never experienced this.

So they won’t give my money back, while they were unable to provide me with the service I should get. On the other hand, I’m really glad I left, at least now I enjoy a nice performance (fingers crossed, hopefully it will last) for less money, but I think that if they were honest, they would have give me back what I paid for and won’t use because of them (they told me that my refund warranty was valid until one week after I signed the contract…). Well, at least you are warned…

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