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1. Memcache. How about finding a host that uses Varnish or Nginx as a caching proxy in front of the main web server. That will cache the most recently requested, static, HTTP resources in memory. Your photos would be cached. That’s more secure than using memcache in a shared environment. Not every size of every photo would be in cache the whole time, it’s true, but that’s no different from memcache – again, you can’t expect a shared host to run a memcached instance that is large enough for you to cache your entire image collection. What’s more, a Varnish-type cache would be transparent to you, so you wouldn’t have to code it (contrast memcache) So I can think of no downsides compared to memcache, but many upsides.

Didn’t even occur to me that hosts offer varnish… Know who offers it? Could cache the pages themselves, which would save a ton of DB queries no? Not just static assets…


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2. CDN – for my personal sites I use Amazon CloudFront. I use a separate subdomain (like for the static resources I want served from the CDN, and Amazon tell you how to use CNAME records to point that domain to their CDN. Their servers then grab the actual files from your backend (which can be www. if you want).

I like the idea of CDN but wonder/feel there are probably not big enough to even both with the overhead (yes, I know it is fairly straightforward). But I’ve only used high-volume CDN. It looks like CloudFront is 0.12/GB – which means I would estimate overhead cost of just pennies/month for 100mb/month. Does that sound right to you?

Edit: Surely CloudFront pricing isn’t just bandwidth? What about storage? i.e. if I cache an image file “forever”, won’t cloudfront’s bucket of my assets just grow infinitely?

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