Do managed host’s stand by their customers or kick them down the road?

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I would like to know what other shared, managed hosts think about standing by a customer, that is in a bad way, due largely to no fault of their own. I read the forums and frankly my jaw drops to the ground when I hear over and over that another customer’s account was terminated for bad and sometimes even good luck.

DDoS. Do you Kick them out?
I don’t understand a host that punishes its customers for things beyond their control. Take DDoS, for example. When our customers come under attack, it can involve taking down their site temporarily, but we help them and stand by them the whole way. Sometimes the medicine we use is a little drastic, as we also protect our other clients, but in the end we all come out of it and are stronger. Sure, that customer has just eaten up three year’s profit, so where do you draw the line? I just don’t get the whole kicking customers to the curb thing, unless the customer has been deceptive, broken the law or our TOS (with malice).

Sudden High Traffic Volume. Do you Kick them out?
When a customer’s account goes viral, because they got on Oprah, do you terminate them because they are now using one hundred times the resources and suddenly the largest user on a shared machine? Do you give them time and actively work out a plan to migrate them to the right sized plan? Do you cut them slack? How much time do you give them? If the customer doesn’t respond (Oprah put them up in a nice hotel and gave them a car to dive home in), how long do you hold down the fort?

Unlimited Service. Do you Kick them out?
When a customer has an either limited or unlimited service, and technically is breaking a TOS rule by impacting the server, what do you do? Say a customer installed a Database that eats up way too many resources, something unexpected. A developer has just installed one million empty tables. Do you work with them to find a solution? Do you charge them for excess usage? Do you give them time and help them devise a plan? Same with drive space, or RAM or bandwidth, how far do you let it go?

Many call the customer an abuser. Do you show them love or the door?

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