Do you know any good Tier 3 system administrators?

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While I was away recently, one of my other media properties that runs on WordPress has "crashed". Crashed in a way that I don’t understand what happened or what might be the cause of the problem.

Staff writers only tell me that one day in March the website has first gone down, then it became slow. Then suddenly only old news were being displayed. Some were getting SSL (unsafe page) warning upon trying to login to WP dashboard… The page load became a lot longer.

While some things were restored, there are still issues.

I still continue to receive many server notifications, most of which have to do with high server load, but effectively I know that we have enough RAM and it should not be an issue. So something somewhere is causing the server to generate excess activity. We’ve increased the RAM even further, but I still get high load alerts, which is simply impossible, unless some process have gone rogue or we are under attack. There are also other types of notifications.

I need an experienced system administrator to come in (preferably with experience in WordPress operations) to take a close look, monitor/keep an eye on the site over a few days (I’ll forward every notification I receive), investigate what might be causing the issue (whether WordPress or not), install a brand new SSL certificate and optimize the server for smooth operations.

Would highly appreciate any recommendations of the person/company you had great experience dealing with!

Thanks people. 🙂


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