Domain registrar (reseller) for bigger volume of domains?

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Hey HDers,

So I find myself (again) with an escalated number of domains.

I have:
25 domains at GoDaddy (surprisingly I’ve been moving away from them one at a time as their pricing seems much higher than even the closest competitors)
53 domains at Namecheap
11 domains at
1 domain at Enom

A couple of dozen of names in my portfolio are new TLDs, outside of the traditional com/net/org spectrum.

Considering all this, what would be the most cost effective company/plan?
I am looking at Enom’s reseller platinum package (…-pricing-plans), but I have no idea whether my relatively low volume of domains would make it worth for me to spend an additional $750.

I am such not a domain person that I don’t even know what products are available on the market. I’d hate to be paying retail prices if there are wholesale solutions available.

Thanks for any experience or knowledge you might have on the subject.


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