Easy to delete ANY account anytime, give backup and refund!? Funio/iWeb example

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Few days ago, woke up in the morning, browsing my webmail, my blog, and found all giving me:

HTML Code:

Server not found

Talking to Live chat of Funio (iWeb subsidiary in Quebec, Canada) they advised to open a ticket.

Surprisingly, when checked my hotmail, found a few-days old message from them (19 Nov 2013), telling me that they will delete my account in few days, without even giving one reason (letter attached).

This must be a mistake!
I am a loyal, paying customer for four years, and it’s the middle of a billing cycle that I already prepaid!
My websites also are “VERY” legal and AUP-compliant.. they are about Opensource, blind people empowerment, family and education counselling, all are non-profit, and non-monetizing, and never spammed any email.

Now they replied with what?


We understand that this is not pleasant for you. One of our providers
has service provision restrictions to customers in specific countries,
which is why we need to implement the same politics with strict
deadlines to be compliant with their rules.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

We have created a backup of your hosting account, so you can move it to
another provider.


One of our providers” .. means they could easily move the account on another server, and didn’t create a huge sudden crisis for a customer, where they can avoid that.
do not accept/engage in a customer-affecting deals, without proper arrangements, not a 5-day warning of disaster!

I told them that other websites on accounts I referred to you, of friends and businesses, and other websites I know hosted on iWeb, from where I live are still working, and none of my friends’ got any such warning!

And that I don’t find it published as a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT on their website, blog, TOS, or anywhere, at least to be transparent, honest to current and future customers, and maintain the minimum in corporate responsibility and acceptable standard practice, as a well-known company in hosting business in Canada and worldwide!

Believe it, they replied with this:


“You mentioned that you referred us some customers in the past. Can you please provide us with their names or account numbers?”

they want me to refer more victims… in favour of a secret, consumer-crushing deal, that I am myself a victim of!? man!!

Is it really that easy for a hosting company to just destroy your years of money and efforts investment, building sites and readership and leaving you in a severe crisis..
letting YOU only to pay the price of THEIR selfish interests and secret deal?
letting YOU start again shoping for new refuge,
letting YOU reading tons of new – many times strange! – TOSs and AUPs
letting YOU reading reviews and make pre-sales evaluation, decide on a news host
letting YOU PAY TIME AND MONEY to get your xxx MB or GB Complete cPanel backup transferred, migrated and restored
and bear the failed transfer/migration/restore errors, incompleteness, or incompatibility.. etc. etc. etc.!!!

With all these days offline..

Making consumers pay from their time and pain.. without any fear..

Is it becoming that easy in hosting industry?
Is it becoming a Win-Lose industry?

What should a victim customer do in such a tragedy?

Text of the attached letter


From: Funio.com (contact@funio.com) This sender is in your safe list.
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 8:43:56 PM
Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, Funio will cease to provide services to you on November 24th 2013.

The information provided below is a means to ease the process as much as we can and to help you act as quickly as possible to avoid website et email services unavailability. For other services (domain names, SSL certificates, Funio-Cakemail), you will receive another email notification within the next few days with further instructions. To confirm the list of products and services Funio was providing you, which will be closed on November 24th 2013, please connect to the customer hub (hub.funio.com). Beyond this date, Funio will not be allowed to provide any services to you whatsoever.

Web Hosting Account:

You need to make IMMEDIATE arrangements with another service provider to meet your business and Web hosting needs prior to November 24th 2013. All software, data and other content must be removed from all Funio servers by this date.

Funio will not store any of your software, data and other content beyond this date. At midnight of the termination date, your software, data and other content will be deleted from our servers and will cease to be available. Funio will not retain any backups of your data.

It is of the most critical importance that you start taking steps IMMEDIATELY to prepare for this transition.

You will receive a refund (if applicable) for the prepaid period you had made to Funio (or iWeb) that goes beyond the termination date. We will respect your original payment method, therefore credit card holders should expect refunds shortly. Other payment methods might require a bit more time to process but will be issued quickly.

If you have any questions in regards to this notice, if you need assistance with the backup of your data and software, or if you need assistance with the transition to another provider before November 24th 2013, please contact customer care at contact@funio.com.


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