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So I have had some terrible conversations with the support at eUKhost recently. I have posted my chat window below. There support staff are just farcical beyond belief….

Regards Colin


Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Priscilla D’

Priscilla D: Hello and Welcome to Live Chat Support.
Priscilla D: How may I assist you today ?
Priscilla D: Hello Colin
colin: I spoke to an advisor yesturday that told me the FTP session time is 15 mins. It is not. I have timed it to around 2 mins
Priscilla D: Okay
Priscilla D: Let me know the ftp details
colin: ftpuplo***@s******
colin: no*****
Priscilla D: Okay
Priscilla D: Please allow me some time to look into the issue.
Priscilla D: Which ftp client are you using?
Priscilla D: I have checked that your local machine ip address is not blocked on the server firewall
Priscilla D: ftp account is working fine at our end
Priscilla D: Are you with me ?
colin: yes
colin: You are not listening to me
colin: What has connection problems got to do with session times
colin: Is there anyone technical I can speak to
Priscilla D: Let me know which ftp client you are using
colin: It has nothing to do with my FTP client ! I cennect to my own webserver and it does not time out !
colin: My ftp client does not decide when to time out. The FTP server does
Priscilla D: pure-ftpd (pid 337453) is running…
Priscilla D: Ftp service is running fine on the server
colin: Look. Why are you not listening….
colin: I know the FTP server is working
Priscilla D: If you receive an FTP connection timed out error while trying to access your account, there are several reasons for that. Please, take a look at the list below for more information on what causes the issue and how to fix it.
Priscilla D: Your Internet Service Provider is blocking the port you’re trying to use to connect via FTP – Port 21. Read our article on how to check if port 21 is blocked on your computer for further instructions;
colin: Rubbish !
Priscilla D: Your FTP client is not set to work in Passive mode – please, refer to your FTP client documentation on how exactly you can switch between different FTP modes.
colin: Yes it is in passive mode…
colin: That has absolutly NOTHING to do with session times
colin: Is Brent there ??
Priscilla D: Let me check
colin: I have been FTPing and building server for 20 years !
colin: Your cut and paste answers only show me how limited Eukhosts support is.
Priscilla D: Brent is not on his desk, he will available after sometime
colin: Is there anyone senior there I can speak to ?
Priscilla D: For the testing purpose, I have upload the test file which size has 8.0Mb
Priscilla D: name of that file is Joomla_3.1.5-Stable-Full_Package
colin: Oh my god… So what has that got to do with session times . Tell me ?
colin: Do you even know what the problem is..
colin: Iv had enough of Eukhosts support. I will be sending this to chat session to the head office back in UK.
Priscilla D: Mihgt be there is issue with connectivity, can you please perform the traceroute command to server from your end
colin: NO. there is no issue with connect !
colin: Why traceroute ? I can connect to the FTP server fine. Do you actually know what you are talking about ?
colin: Hello are you there ?
Priscilla D: Yes
Priscilla D: Let me consult with my senior admin
colin: well.. tell me what traceroute has to do with FTP session time out time ?
colin: allelujah !!
Priscilla D: traceroute is used to check the connectivity
colin: Listen pal. I know what traceroute is….
Priscilla D: I have increased the session time on the server
colin: To what ?
Priscilla D: Can you please check once again ?
colin: What is the value you have set in Pure-ftpd ? TimeoutSession is set to what ??
colin: What is the value you have just set it to ?
Priscilla D: previously it was 15, I have set it to 20
colin: So you have set TimeoutSession to 20 ?
colin: the value of TimeoutSession is now 20 on the pure-ftpd server config ?
Priscilla D: Yes
colin: OMG you have just set it to 20 seconds !!!!! Pure-ftpd TimeoutSession is in seconds !!!!
colin: I think you are telling my lies !
Priscilla D: Its in minute
colin: I have not set anything in pure-ftpd config have you.
colin: No its in seconds. read proftpdfororg/docs/directives/linked/config_ref_TimeoutSession
colin: You need to set it to 1200 !
colin: Can I ask you something
colin: ?
Priscilla D: Yes
colin: what server am I on ?
Priscilla D: You are domain is on the shared server
Priscilla D: Please check the below link
Priscilla D: int******sbeauty
colin: The server name ?
Priscilla D: stock*****ostinget
colin: Right I am going to test the the ftp session time is set to 20 mins
colin: It is 11:00 I have now made connection
Priscilla D: Okay
colin: I will test after 5 mins
Priscilla D: Sure
colin: What is the maxidletime in the config ?
Priscilla D: 20 minutes
colin: No it timed out at 11:12
colin: Its is now 11:13
colin: The config is set wrong
Priscilla D: It is shared server and we have not get any complain regarding this
Priscilla D: Colin, I will raise support ticket for you
Priscilla D: So our senior admin will look into this matter
colin: Well im am complaining now
colin: It is not 20 mins !
Priscilla D: Should I raise ticket for you ?
colin: Will i get a reply via email ? yes please
Priscilla D: Yes
colin: ALSO: This server does not have R1Soft Backups
Priscilla D: Do you have backup plan with us ?
colin: No. This server got upgraded now R1soft is not on there. I have been using it for the past 2 years !
Priscilla D: We have weekly backup process but we keep the backup for our security purpose
Priscilla D: Do you want backup of your website ?
Priscilla D: Ticket ID VSB-598-83908
Priscilla D: You will receive an update on the same ticket
Priscilla D: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
Priscilla D: are you there?
colin: yes
colin: No I dont want a backup ! Why are you not understanf=ding the questions !
colin: understanding*
colin: I want R1soft back on the server. I it was before you move it.
Priscilla D: Let me check
Priscilla D: Currently, r1soft option is not enabled on the server after upgrade, I have forward the request to the senior admin. They will enable it on the server
colin: Yes I know it isnt.
Priscilla D: In mean while if you want to restore any thing you can contact us we will do it for you
colin: No it dont want to restore anything
Priscilla D: Okay
Priscilla D: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
colin: Not at the moment and I hope not in the future !
Priscilla D: Okay
Priscilla D: You are welcome
Priscilla D: Thank you for visiting our live chat service. It was a pleasure serving you. Please feel free to revert in case of any issues or doubts.
Priscilla D: Have a nice time
Priscilla D: Bye for now
colin: Is someone working on the FTP server issue because not I cannot connect !
Priscilla D: Yes, one of our admin is working on it
colin: Is this why FTP has done down ?
Priscilla D: Yes, do not change the anything from your side
colin: OK.
Priscilla D: Our admin will update you on the ticket
Priscilla D: ticket*
colin: OK
Priscilla D: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
Chat InformationYour chat transcript will be sent to mail@co*****heu at the end of your chat.

colin: No thats it I think
colin: Bye for now.

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