The absolute WORST hosting experience I have ever had bar none!

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I hate to harm anyone’s company, but it would be unethical of me to let them do this to anyone else. was the absolute worse hosting experience I have ever had in all my 15 years online.

I signed up for them with high hopes. We mistakenly prepaid 3 years.

Because of chronic server problems, chronic slow loads, chronic downtime, and Jonathan Nguyen even himself ordering our sites shut down because the shared server was overloaded.

That I can’t even fathom how they can justify doing that to their customers.

Each time there was a problem, we were assured it was fixed, and it wouldn’t happen again.

But promise, after promise was broken. Out our sites were chronically down with them. And a more short sited support staff I have yet to encounter.

I have the ticket to prove it.

In the end, Jonathan Nguyen held our sites hostage, when we told him we were moving the sites off greenvaluehost. He would not allocate the memory (which he had promised never to let run out) until we “agreed” with his position.

In the end it was only a threat to make public what he was up to that he opened up the sites again.

Then “graciously” offered a pro-rata refund.

But when I reminded him of his sites guarantee, and I quote:

“100% Uptime Guarantee
Downtime? Not here! We have a 100% Uptime Guarantee to keep your site running at all times”

…that they haven’t even come close to that, he bans us from the support site, and refuses to honor his guarantee.

Avoid greenvaluehost!

They simply cannot deliver on their uptime promises.

They cannot deliver on their promised speeds.

And in our personal experience broke every promise made to us.

If you ever request they honor their guarantee, Jonathan Nguyen, will simply ban you.

We have yet to see our refund.

Jonathan Nguyen, I know you monitor this site.

Here’s some advice:

<< snipped >> Keep your promises. Honor your guarantee. Learn ETHICS!

And stop this short-term thinking. With this mindset you’re holding greenvaluehost doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell it will still be around inside 3 years.

We prepaid 3 years with you… yet you couldn’t even deliver a few months. Not only have you refused to honor your guarantee you are taken the sites down.

Jonathan Nguyen, I’ll happy address anything you have to say about this in this public forum, as you have banned us from you client support simply because we request you honor your guarantee.

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