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The holidays are finally here, and that can mean that your schedule fills up fast. No time to write new content for your blog or website? Need some help keeping your forum active through the holidays? How about someone to return phone calls, schedule appointments, or return correspondence? Ready for a career change at the turn of the year but need a new resume? The professionals at Paid Forum Posting can help you with all of this and more.


Need some new content for your website or blog, but don’t want to take the time out of your busy day to write it? Let us do it for you! Any topic, any length, SEO or standard, we have the writers you need to get the job done. All of our writers are strictly vetted for English grammar competency and all content is 100% original and proprietary to you.

Forum Posting

Everyone knows that even active forums can slow down this time of year because your members are busier with holiday planning and gatherings. Keep your forum buzzing with new activity and fresh content by purchasing one of our forum posting packages. All posts are original content and guaranteed to be a minimum of 25 words long. We have blog commenting services as well.

Social Media Management

Too busy running your business to handle all of your social media platforms? We have a great team who can do it for you! Social media packages are for 30 days and during that time our staff will be active on your pages for at least 20 of those 30 days. We will interact with your followers and make relevant comments and posts on your pages based on your specifications.

Virtual Assistant Services

Have phone calls or correspondence that needs to be returned but no time to do it? Meetings that need to be scheduled or notes that need to be typed up? No matter what your needs are we have a virtual assistant that can get the job done for you. Give yourself the gift of a little extra time during this busy season and hire one of our virtual assistants to help lighten your load.

Proof-reading, editing, and resume writing

Paid Forum Posting now offers proof-reading, editing, and resume writing services. Looking for a new job? Let us spruce up your resume for you and help you land your dream job. Resume services come with extensive consultation and up to three edits, if necessary. Have a big business proposal or maybe even a novel you have written that needs to be checked for perfection? Let us get the job done for you. Our staff will manually review your content word for word and make appropriate changes. You will be provided with a highlighted copy of your work detailing the changes that were made.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Paid Forum Posting and let us take a little work off your plate this holiday season. Use the promo code Thanks2017 until December 1st to enjoy*10% off of all content packages and services.


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