How could you use a dedicated server? The possibilities are endless! (for discussion)

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These are simply a few suggestions on how dedicated servers could be provisioned. There are countless other ways dedicated servers are being used every day by businesses and organizations around the globe.

Load balancing

Load balancing*is when you distribute incoming network traffic across an array of backend servers. These are sometimes referred to as server pools or server farms.

Quite often, websites become so popular that they serve exceptionally high numbers of concurrent requests in terms of video, text, images or application data. To alleviate traffic congestion and improve website performance, additional servers can be added to the mix, effectively acting like a traffic cop routing client requests to optimize availability and reliability.

There are a variety of methods to provision efficient load balancing, and that depends primarily on your specific hosting requirements. When you distribute requests across those server farms sequentially, that’s called Round Robin. When you send new requests to the server with the least current connections, (no surprise here), that’s called Least Connections. Of course, you could also use IP Hash, which uses the IP address of the client to route their traffic.

Search engine

Yes, you can and organizations do create their own search engines for a myriad of reasons. Of course this would most likely encompass, for example, a single dedicated programmer completing*this project over the course of maybe six to twelve months. What you’d need to start would be a single dedicated server with possibly multiple large SSD drives and lots of RAM. In that configuration, you should be able to create an index of maybe a few kilobytes per page of over one billion pages.

The concept of search engines is fairly basic, requiring 4 core activities, which are crawling, indexing, ranking and query serving.

Live Cam

This essentially involves streaming live video. You could conceivably use a VPS, cloud service or dedicated server for this, but the primary consideration should be bandwidth and then server management. You’ll need a media server, and if you can manage it yourself, it’ll save you tons of money.

Chat Server

A chat server provides*the necessary processing power to facilitate*and maintain chatting for its*users. There are literally*thousands of dedicated servers setup for IRC*and each of those servers are considered a chat server. One example of a chat server is Openfire, which is a real-time collaboration server utilizing XMPP (Jabber).

VoIP Server

I once sold two collocation racks whose sole business was providing VoIP services to Southeast Asia. *A*VoIP server is a dedicated server running software that makes it possible to*provide businesses with fully integrated and modern telephone systems. VoIP dedicated servers allows businesses to take their communications systems into the next era by converting traditional analog systems into*digital systems functioning over the Internet.


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