How do I avoid IP Hell getting a new IP for an Email Server

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Anyone have any clues how to avoid what I can call “IP Hell”

3-4 years ago I made an IP switch and just had a small issue with AOL… but because of SPAMMERS increasing intensity it is 10 times worse now.

Let me explain what recently happened to me….. I upgraded servers with a “Dedicated Server Provider” that I have been fairly happy with the last 6 years and for various reasons I could not keep my old IPs, NOTE I DID HUGE RESEARCH OF BLACKLISTINGS BEFORE ACCEPTING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING IPS, Problem is ISP are creating their own blacklists and they can not be checked anymore.

what followed are these problems with various IP’s

Server 1;

New IP Issued, Blacklisted on places, got a second IP block that seems to be OK – but still had to get it unblocked at AOL and Microsoft – only using its email server with one of my personal domains but seems ok.

Server 2;

1) IP #1 given, only to find out a bad route from my home iin Florida to my server (at a backbone router), although everywhere else appeared to be working, after two weeks of not getting it fixed I was issued another IP

2) IP #2 issues, found it blocked at “Cloudmark” who does SPAM protection for ATT, Sprint, Comcast, Verizon, etc.. come to find out my clients could not email half the country – there is no way to check “Cloudmark” and IP before putting it in use, although they did release the block in about 48 hours I already jumped to another IP.

3)IP #3 I quickly found another routing issue from Chicago.

4)IP #4 …. two weeks of getting cleared from Microsoft and AOL (they acting much slower now I think because of all my recent submissions) and still fighting with Network Solutions blocking email…. now I have one friend and one client that can not reach my email server… both are ATT ISP users who I believe ATT blocked a whole set of IP’s at one time with my server providers rack provider and I believe not all ATT routers have updated releasing the block, I believe my server provider just recently started renting rack space from Corexchange for the Dallas location offers … who 3 months ago Corexchange had whole IP Sets blocked for not responding to 2 IPs doing massive Spamming – See here;

PS: Both users can tracert to my server, but my server can not tracert back to their computer IP – it goes 3 hops and when it hits what I think is an ATT router…. it drops.

So now I am debating what to do…. I would like to stick with my provider, but after 2 days I have not even received a hint as to what the problem is or how they are going to fix it, I think after 5-6 days they will end up telling me I need a 5th IP – NO FRICKEN WAY am I going through this again.

So…. here are my thoughts, SPAMMERS are attracted to discount server hosts, and I can’t afford to double my monthly costs (Paying $220 for a Quad Xeon, (2) 1TB, 8 gig, and a Dual Core, (2) 500meg, and 4gig servers)

If I made a move…. anyone has a clue how to make sure ahead a time that AOL, Microsoft, Cloudmark, and 1/2 dozen other ISP’s now doing their own SPAM Blocking and not letting you check to see if the IP is clean before you start?



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