How you can speed up your website/server protecting from spammer and bots ?

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Many users face issues when a lot of real traffic, spammer and bots generate fake load over there server or shared hosting. End of the day your server goes down when everyone sit over your server head . Now what best you can do to keep those away and make your site much smoother and faster.

1. Recommend to extend the time frame of browser cache. In this case if a bot visit your site. If wont generate load on server downloading those .css .js and bla bla from your website every time.

2. You can use any one of CDN services to block all those unuseful traffic coming to your server. I recommend browser cache “enabled”, if you are using any CDN services. This will reduce server load a lot.

3. Aviod using a lot of modules/plugins if in case you are using any of the follow CMS for example: Druple, WordPress, Joomla, Pligg or any other.

4. I recommend to optimize your images to minimum size and utilize minimum server resources. Try editing with photoshop, or you can use different tools to compress your images for paid and free services. For more information:

5. Use Google page insight tool to find out if any of resources are not required. Removing unwanted script will not reduce a lot but enough to save you from over utilization.

6. Use Gzip to compress your content before its being delivered. This reduce your HTTP request by 70%. If you are using WordPress I recommend to use this plugin:…p-compression/

7. Check with your web hosting provider if the KeepAlive feature is enabled on your server. This plays an important role to speed up your website. When an signal is sent and no reply is received. It assume the link is down and it try with a different path untill link is up again.

8. Minify your file by removing html comments, white spaces and empty elements will decrease your page size.

9. Aviod broken links. I recommend to use Google sitemaps to find the broken links on your website. For WordPress there is a free plugin to check broken links…-link-checker/
If you have amazing tips and tricks to speed up. Please share…

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