Just wanted to leave my web hosting review of alpha-hosting.co.uk

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Hello all,

Just wanted to leave my web hosting review of alpha-hosting.co.uk formally known as foxyhosting.co.uk they are also connected with host-us.biz and this crappy organisation (if it can be called that) is run by someone called Anthony Dedd although his paypal account says its at personal level and owned by someone called lisa jones.

Ok so here we go, I signed up on the 2nd Dec 2013 and by the 2nd week of service, my hosting was down and read on their website (no email telling us all our data was lost) and by the 31st of December I had suspended plastered all over my website. But this was due to none payment, as I was moving my website away due to the hassle I had with these guys. I accepted that not all hosts can maintain 100% SLA, However, when I asked why my service went down. I was told that one of the hard drives in the server with the shared hosting space went down. And was told all data was lost. So with this in mind, I do not expect a host to loose my data. Anyway when I asked them what array they were storing data in, I was told that they were string data in a RAID0 Array. meaning (for all non techies) that instead of using a fall-over array format like RAID1 for example (2 drives 1 usable and 1 backup). They used 1 drives rolled into 1 (RAID0) So in my case the data is being stored on all drives (meaning no backup drive). So if one goes down (like it did in my case) all data is lost.

So in summery, this is a really unreliable way of running a shared hosting service. And this company should of at least been working in RAID1 at the very least NOT RAID0. So where I at now?, well I have given up on them for good and I have now successfully moved my website away from them.

When I got a message back from them their response was “You should of backed up your data” and in all fairness I told them I did not backup and that they had lost my website data. But in fact I did take a backup and my mission was to see what they were going to do. As i sore on their website they was offering a free upgrade to all customers who lost service and data. And guess what NO upgrade was offered.

Secondly, i have spotted that they are emailing customers from a personal email address foxybytes@yahoo.co.uk not that this matters too much but just a small detail that supports that these guys a very small and most properly running this company from home (may also be a youngster)

And thirdly although this really isn’t connected, I have also located there eBay account http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ljon9911 (witch I didn’t buy hosting from but made for interesting reading it says ** No longer a registered user ** Based in United Kingdom, ljon9911 has been an eBay member since 20 Jul, 2013. So, eBay must of spotted something to remove their membership, most certainly interesting.
Here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/anthony.dedd?fref=ts run by a guy called Anthony Dedd, and I think it is Anthony Dedd I have been dealing with, I think he is from Wigan, UK

And yes I really should of smelt a rat when all the hosting cost me was 70p per month, but I just thought that maybe it was a new start up, offering a promotional price to get the customer base growing.

I did search the web a little to see if i could find any review sites where they are already listed, but interestingly couldn’t find anything on them. If any of you come across this company on the web I would most certainly stay well clear of them they are RUBBISH!

Thanks for reading.

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