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So I thought I might pass on some anecdotal experience here.

My main website has outgrown its britches at hawkhost so after a bunch of research, I decided to go to WP Engine.

Why? WPE is a lot faster and more secure than almost everyone out there for a wordpress site. The increased SEO I’ll get from the faster load times will more than compensate for the increase in price per month, which is about what I spend on beer on Friday nights. There are a couple of others that are pretty good but I decided on these guys.

In the past month, I’ve found that I would have left hawkhost anyway, even if it wasn’t for the degrading service. They’ve been pretty great the past year but something must have changed in the past month or two. I get little response from my tickets now and have to keep after them to even respond. And that was before tonight’s drama.

After comparing a lot of things, I decided to start the process of migrating to a new server tonight. As you may know, there are a few things that all have to come together in order for this to happen.

At first, I was planning on keeping my domain with hawkhost and just pointing it to the new host but that turned out to be impossible as you’ll see. No problem, except instead of knowing that on the next email, I spend HOURS going back and forth with this guy for him to grasp what I was talking about. After that, and the subsequent interactions to unlock the domain, I’m definitely not keeping anything at hawkhost or doing any business with them ever again.

Here’s a snapshot of part of my night with them. It’s definitely everything I’ve dealt with though…


I would like to move my site to WPengine. To do that, I need to move from my current settings to a CNAME of xxx.wpengine.com or an A record to xx.xxx.xxx.xx.
I don’t see how to do that anywhere in my client area and WPengine doesn’t do nameservers.
Can you set this up for me?
Thank you,

I’ll guide you on how to change the Nameservers of the domain. Please follow these steps :
1) Login to Client Area at https://my.hawkhost.com
2) Go to My Domains.
3) You will see the domains listed there. Click the Icon at the end against the domain.
4) Scroll down and reach the section Nameservers. Edit the Nameservers to the desired one. Click Save Changes.
Let us know if you have any questions.
[name of dude]
Support Department, Hawk Host
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: GTM-882-94585
Department: Support
Type: Issue
Status: Open
Priority: Medium
Support Center: https://support.hawkhost.com/index.php?/default_import

Look. Please read what I wrote before you answer.
I already told you that I don’t have nameservers. I already told you the CNAME or the A IP record needs to be updated to xxx.wpengine.com or xx.xxx.xxx.xx.
So yeah, I have questions.

You can easily change/add CNAME records/A records via cPanel ยป Advanced DNS Zone Editor. If you are unable to do, please let us know the domain name you need to configure these records.

I am moving my hosting from hawkhost to wpengine. I will not have a cpanel. I will not be on hawkhost. I will be on wpengine. You have my domain. I need my domain that you have to be pointed to wpengine. They require a cname or an a record.

I understand your concern. Please mention the domain name to understand the exact scenario! -I believe you are using our nameservers, if so, every DNS records can be edited in our cPanel. As WPengine doesn’t have a cPanel, you can use our cPanel to configure the DNS records. Or let me know if you are cancelling all the hosting services with us and moving to WPengine ?

I have already said several times in this freaking ticket that I AM LEAVING HAWKHOST AND MOVING TO WPENGINE.
My domain name resides at hawkhost.
I will not have a cpanel to log into.
I will not be on hawkhost any longer to be able to log into a cpanel to change it.
WPengine doesn’t have cpanel.
WPengine does not have nameservers.
I need a cname or a record.
Can you do this or not?
Do I need to also move my domain name to someone who will actually read my freaking ticket and actually figure out what I need to do?
To go back to the very first ticket request in this marathon session:
“I would like to move my site to WPengine. To do that, I need to move from my current settings to a CNAME of xxx.wpengine.com or an A record to xx.xxx.xxx.xx.”
My domain name is http://graywolfsurvival.com


After I finally got through to the guy that I am leaving, I told him that I needed the domain unlocked and an EPP number. From that interaction, he obviously had no idea what I was talking about. After sending him some reference material about what a domain lock was and a whois report, I finally got the domain unlocked. I’m still waiting for the EPP number. I don’t really care anymore that I started to lose my patience.

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