Looking for Partner, Prepared With Basic Preliminary Plan!

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

Hello, I am looking for a partner to work aside me in order to set up and start a website hosting business targeted towards the "technically challenged" population. That are either new or never "heard" of website hosting.

While I am proficient in the general business aspects of things (customer service, sales, billing and the like) as well as general IT (say doing basic control panel tasks and etc). I really need someone who manage servers (system administration). As well as generally there as any good partners should be.

Here is what I will be offering on my "side of the bargain"…

1. Ideas and innovations that are tailored toward this business of ours.

2. Be able to handle the general operations (billing/sales as well as customer service to name a few).

3. Pitch in half the start up and recurring operation costs (likely month to month).

4. Give up 50% of the business’s profits once all of our expenses are paid (at this rate as well). For as long as you are an active partner.

The expectations of my partner will be…

1. Must have some experience doing system administration as I am delegating server management completely. Given beyond limited functions on a control panel I am not able do much at the command line level.

2. Must be willing to sustain being an active partner, after a few months we will evaluate whether or not if the business worth continuing for our resources. But if insignificant communication is made then I reserve the right to recycle your agreement with me.

3. Must be willing to work in emergencies in addition. Either as a one off service/server problem(s) as they occurs. And/or should I be unable to attend to my duties should it pose a negative toward the business’s health.

4. Finally willing to split the start up and operational costs with me (50/50).

Terms of Partnership…

1. You agree to this as soon as you email me about this opportunity.

2. As a partnership opportunity you understand that a profit is NOT guaranteed nor will you are guaranteed a reimbursement of your responsible investments as well as time and efforts. However for the best interests of both parties this will be limited as much as possible.

3. Should you fails to meet the expectations of your commitments INCLUDING productivity without first contacting me regarding this then I reserve the right to seek a new partner and/or make alternative means. If this is broken then you agree that any and ALL remaining investments will be at your own loss. Due to this being strictly on your end.

4. Similarly I will be taking similar responsibility on my end as well. If no responses are made from me in an excess of 72 hours in a given time then you will be provided a "free will" of "taking over" the business in whatever means you believe is necessary to preserve our success for generations to come. As we would both assume I am unable to continue (for example by the "acts of nature".).

If you are interested feel free to email me at rickytorres551@gmail.com

You may also email me if you have any questions or concerns about this partnership offering.

Thanks in advance and I hope to be doing business with someone as caring as I am.


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