ModulesGarden EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers 1.3.0 + Advanced Billing For WHMCS 3.2.0!

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

We have buckled down to upgrading our modules so as to make them finely integrated with WHMCS 7.3. If you are a proud owner of at least one of them, you should find it well worthwhile to keep an eagle eye on the official list which gathers all of the products compatible with the latest WHMCS release. Two freshly updated modules presented below are already there!

Can you migrate the complex process of provisioning and managing EasyDCIM servers straight to your WHMCS? Why not! Can you do it for free? Absolutely!

If that still is not enough to consider branching out your business, the freshest update of EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS will convince you for sure with a whole array of new extra features and improvements! We have released the 1.3.0 version to let you decide on the matter of bandwidth usage calculation intervals and the percentile billing of the extra bandwidth. With it, you will be able to choose the OS templates available in your client area as well as narrow the recipients of email notifications concerning service actions. Your customers will also benefit from this release greatly as it will enable them to alter the server hostname and access KVM console. They will even be pampered with automatic emails sent as soon as their server is created!

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Our Advanced Billing For WHMCS has just taken another quantum leap towards greater flexibility of your billing and invoicing operations. The newly rolled out 3.2.0 version proves that no matter how many functionalities and customization options are packed into a module, there is always room for more! Just take a look at what to expect:

  • Possibility to define the minimum price required to generate an invoice and bill the client for the service.
  • Making invoices even more informative by including the details on any free limits.
  • Applying discounts to any group of customers of your choice.
  • Enabling the ‘Override Auto-Suspend’ feature to prevent any service suspension attempts.

Do not stay behind with your outdated automated billing model – innovations are there for you to embrace them!

Learn All About Advanced Billing For WHMCS!

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