Need advice about using a unmanaged VPS, please

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I have only used a Managed VPS in the past, but now i am looking into trying to manage my own VPS. I have never had the opportunity to login to a unmanaged VPS and am feeling a bit apprehensive. I have a company in mind that i can choose either KVM or OpenVZ with SolusVM. I have three domains i will be setting up on the VPS, all three are my personal websites. Two of them i have coded using simple html and one will be relatively small phpBB or SMF forum.

1. Between KVM or OpenVZ which one is better to use as a beginner, or does it make a difference?

2. Is SolusVM relatively easy to use as a beginner?

3. What would you advise as the first "Must Do" steps after logging in and seeing SolusVM?

4. How will i know when the OS needs to be updated?

Thanks for any guidance in advance.


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