Prevent people finding out who hosts my site?

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Is it possible to prevent people from finding out who hosts my site?

I would like to do so, so that people won’t know how to hack into my site if they don’t know what hosting provider to hack into.


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Originally Posted by DaveyJames
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Is it possible to prevent people from finding out who hosts my site?

I would like to do so, so that people won’t know how to hack into my site if they don’t know what hosting provider to hack into.

This is not going to protect you from being hacked, your server has an IP, which will let them know which provider you host with and if your site it self is vulnerable then they will make there way in..

And if your on a shared hosting which I believe you will be from another thread mentioned you wanted to purchase from HostGator you also open up additional risk.


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Originally Posted by DaveyJames
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I would like to do so, so that people won’t know how to hack into my site if they don’t know what hosting provider to hack into.

The host you use isn’t going to make any difference if your site itself isn’t secure (updated scripts etc.)

Any half decent host will have done enough on their end to prevent exploits at the server level, trying to hide who that host may be will make zero difference to how secure their servers are.

Assuming you’ve had previous issues with your site, I think you’re approaching this the wrong way. What problems have you had, and what is your site built on?


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Anyone can track down your ip address to see who you are actually hosting with. There is no way to prevent that nor would preventing it benefit you in security terms.

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You can look for a host that perhaps provide a white label service but this will only go as far as hiding who your hosting provider is.

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You could use something like CloudFlare which would mask the origin of your content (assuming you disable the default direct-connect, ftp and other subdomains).

It’s not fool proof but it’ll help!

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Certain protection layer services might help

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Like the others have said. That will NOT stop the hackers. They can still find ways into your site.

If you’re running a script all they need to do is find your admin area and then start the hacking.

I suggest changing the admin area folder or login page name to something else than the default. Maybe even put some random numbers in the name of the admin area.



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OK, so you want your website to be on the Internet, yet nobody on the Internet is allowed to know how to get to your site…….

The only solutions is if you don’t want anyone being able to get to your site, don’t put it online.


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There ARE few solutions to do what you need, but they cost.

For example – you will need a ddos protection provider or other provider that can PROXY your http/https traffic from their location (server/s) to your server (your domain will have to be pointed to their IP address). If your domain uses your hosting’s DNS servers – you have to change them with other (there are a lot outthere – both paid and free).

You will also need an anonymous smtp server for your outgoing mail (if your web site sends any).

That way, there is almost zero chance for anyone to find your actual hosting provider. Of course, your “old” IP address will still be logged somewhere, so you better request a “replacement” or change hosting.

I think this convers it, correct me if I’m wrong.

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