PTR Records in Plesk

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Even though cPanel had a lot of good things, it was accessed through two different sites. With Plesk it’s just one site so as I am moving around in there I’m feeling more confident now.

When I set up PTR records in WHM it was a bit tricky, but in Plesk I didn’t have to add the with the backwards IP attached, Plesk did all the work. I just had to add the IP into the correct field. It kind of confused me at first because I was adding the arpa line in the domain field. But then later learned the field just can stay empty unless you want to have the IP resolve to a sub domain. So once I made it work it was easier than WHM. I’ve decided to keep the Plesk server since it’s larger than what I actually thought in the beginning. But when I checked on the size of the Hard Drive it is quite a lot bigger than the cPanel server I had. I think my upstream provider does that because cPanel costs quite a bit more and they keep costs down that way.

The new server I installed CWP on is great. DNS in that is easier for me since I edit the files directly which works better with my brain. Now that I’ve been using CWP for a little while now I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t need a pretty control panel. But even on the client end CWP is pretty good and I found it very easy to use and intuitive. I’m not running client sites on it, only my own sites for now.Once I get enough customers to pay for the servers I have now I may consider putting a CWP server into production for customers. My concern at first was if it had webmail and it does. It has RoundCube which has been my choice for a long time.


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