Question how to deal with potentially unethical client?

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Hi guys,

I run a small hosting company, most clients have been through word of mouth, local companies, etc.. basically individuals I have been able to build a relationship with.

More recently we have started getting clients through Google, forums and other organic sources which is great… However, this also comes with new challenges, I’ve got a customer that I’m not sure how to handle.

The customer signed up and ordered a domain and hosting plan, everything looked OK, MaxMind score was low but ISP was listed as another hosting company (potentially VPN?). The domain name registered is what pricked my interest, it was unusual, to say the least. Not something a typical business would register.

I flagged the customer and noticed they immediately redirected the domain elsewhere and setup 5 email addresses. The hosting account is not being used but the customer is sending continuously sending emails.

I looked into the client and it doesn’t appear to be a clear cut spam attempt… The client looks like a legitimate business with public records, contact details, lots of websites, address, contact numbers.

Everything looks to be in order, except that the account is being used to promote their business interests via email on my servers.

My TOS clearly states that hosting accounts can’t be used to send unsolicited emails / spam and I have a hard restriction of 250 per hour.

What would you do? Do you typically allow shared hosting accounts to be used for sending emails only? Why is this client not using a service like MailChimp? The emails being sent are promoting a business, why not send from their business domain?

Is 250 emails per hour continuously an okay limit?

Would you contact client? do nothing? suspend account? would you refund? The client also has domain would you suspend the account and allow access to the domain?

I’m basically not sure how to approach it if the client is even doing anything wrong?

My gut feeling is that client has obtained email lists and is using my services to send advertisements to them. It may not be typical spam (scams, viagra, etc…) however if enough email addresses report the emails as spam we could still end up with black listed IPs.



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