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For years, I was a happy, loyal customer at HostGator, but it all went downhill after the “upgrade” to a new server after the company was sold. I looked here and a few other places, and heard good things about Stablehost, so I moved my site there. The move was quick and easy, but I had some questions about some of the stats listed in the cpanel. I saw that my account had an entry process limit of 20, so I sent in a ticket to tech support to ask about the limit, and they confirmed the entry process limit of 20, and said it shouldn’t be an issue.

About a month into my service, I noticed that the entry process limit was decreased to 10. I submitted another ticket to ask why it had been lowered, and was told that my server had been configured incorrectly previously, and 10 was the number it should be. I complained that I should have been told that previously since the other tech gave me the incorrect information and said that the limit was 20. Stablehost was nice enough to honor what the previous tech said and moved me back up to 20.

The past month has gone by without issue until this morning when I looked at my cpanel, and noticed there was another change in my resource usage. The entry process limit got moved back down to 10 again, but that’s not all. Other stats, which have been the same since I signed up 2 months ago, have gone down as well:
Virtual memory usage limit was 4930mb, but is now 1024mb
Input/Output usage limit was 1096kb/s, but is now 1024kb/s
There is also a new processes limit that was not there before. The limit for that is 30.

I submitted a ticket as soon as I saw the change. I got a response from the initial tech saying that they would escalate the issue to senior system administrators so they could handle the problem (which is fine because I’ve found the first level of support there is not particularly helpful). That was at 8:40am EST, and I have yet to hear back from anyone at Stablehost.

I want to know if this kind of limit switch is common. I feel like it’s incredibly unprofessional to lead a customer to believe that they’re getting one thing, and then months later change it around without any notice or warning. It basically feels like a bait and switch where they lower limits so that they can claim I’m now exhausting my resources and need to move up to enterprise/VPS hosting, even though I was well within my previous limits. If all the settings were incorrect due to a server misconfiguration, I would have thought I would have been informed of this the last time there was a misconfiguration issue.

I’m sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make sure to put all the facts in there. I expected a lot from Stablehost, and am quite disappointed because of this. I feel like for the remainder of my contract with them, I need to watch my resource limits carefully or they’ll just change them whenever they feel like it.

Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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