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Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

Bottom Line Up Front
Inmotion Hosting is a managed hosting company that provides VPS, dedicated, web hosting, domain, and WordPress services. For a expensive fully managed VPS host, I expected the red carped to be rolled out and to get the full service treatment—my customer service experience was exactly the opposite. The VPS I/O was in-line with Raid-10 expectations, and the RAM speed was adequate. The CPU throughput was hit or miss considering you have access to 40 threads, which led to slow latency on a 40 thread SQL test. The network speed was sub-par for what you’d expect to burst on a 1Gbps port. I took a half-star for customer service, half-star for fake discounts, half-star for the misleading CPU access, and a half-star for the sub-par network speed.


Plan    |  Threads  | RAMStorage  | Bandwidth | IPv4 |                       
|VPS-100HA-S| 40 @ 2.5Ghz | 4GB |  75GB SSD  |          4 TB    |  3  |
|______|    Network Speed    |        SQL        |  CPU |    RAM    |    I/O    |
| Test | DownloadUpload  |  TPSQPS  | Lat  |  EPS1M BS*  | DD 32k BS* |
|  1  |  35 MB/s |  26 MB/s | 1204 | 19266 | 33ms | 3977 | 14266 MB/s | 640 MB/s  |
|  2  |  50 MB/s |  21 MB/s | 924  | 14785 | 43ms | 6557 | 12940 MB/s | 508 MB/s  |
|  3  |  39 MB/s |  27 MB/s | 1215 | 19445 | 32ms | 6769 | 13362 MB/s | 652 MB/s  |
| Avgs |  41 MB/s |  25 MB/s | 1114 | 17832 | 36ms | 5768 | 13523 MB/s | 600 MB/s  |
TPS=Transactions per second | QPS = Queries per second | Lat = Latency in milliseconds
EPS = Events per second | BS = Block size
*Results will vary with different block sizes

Inmotion Hosting First Impressions
I started by heading over to their website and poking around a bit to see what they advertised. I have to say, I hate fake discounts. They offer three VPS packages, regularly priced at –lots—redacted for this forum–, respectively—these are ludicrous prices for the resources you get access to. What I mean by a fake discount is they jack the regular price up really high, then discount it down to a reasonable price, which isn’t a real discount. These types of business tactics already give me a negative impression of what their primary goal is—not my satisfaction.


  • Pre-Built software configurations (WordPress, Joomla, etc…).
  • Real-Time Redundancy — basically your backups are on a shared server and another node can load them up if yours goes down.
  • Solid-State Drives — for these prices I’m not sure why we’re discussing whether I get SSDs or not.
  • Server Management — more on this later in my complaints, but you can basically ticket them for anything.
  • Full Free cPanel License — oh you’re paying for it…
  • Live-State Snapshots — again, you better be backing my data up for first-child sacrifices.
  • DDOS Attack Protection — 5Gbps – I’d like to see a higher number here.
  • CentOS w/ LAMP — They sort of force this on you.
  • Launch Assist — basically they do extra stuff for your like set up applications for a total of 2 hours, but don’t bother if you’re on their bottom package.
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard — bells and whistles.
  • SSH and Root Access — more on this below.
  • Max Speed Zones — server location choices.

They are billed as a "state-of-the-art linux SSD VPS server host coming equipped with an arsenal of features. This includes cloud-powered infrastructure build for real time redundancy, free server management, a free cPanel license, CentOS and LAMP stack, live-state snapshots and much more". Let me translate this for you. We have a lot of overhead from high prices, so we spend a lot of money on our servers. We tell you our server management is free, along with cPanel and WHM, but you’re actually paying for it with the aforementioned high price. Also, we threw in a backup on our shared storage server.

Additionally, we force you to use apache (apache is perfectly viable), so you can’t use nginx(wordpress config uses nginx) or litespeed without voiding your "free" server management. They give you SSH access to the server, but once you accept it, you basically agree to pay alot remote hands to fix anything you mess up.

Customer Service
I purchased the server and waited patiently for my confirmation e-mail—it never came, initially. They tell you to give them up to 30 minutes and someone will call you, but I’m impatient. I waited 10 minutes then logged into the online chat, since I’m fully managed and all. They verified my credit card and name and e-mail, then gave me access. Total time to be able to log into the control panel was about 20 minutes for me. Once I got in, the first thing I did was look for my IP address, which wasn’t in the e-mail they sent me, so I could SSH into my server.

Cannot connect. Ok…check IP…check port…all good. I contacted chat again and it turns out I need to add my IP to the firewall before I can SSH in. I expected my fully managed VPS host to add this in for me at this point, but I was directed to follow a guide, which turned out to be an MX record copy/paste (comprarporinternet.com.mx), and was followed by an apology. They provided me with the correct guide here. Not that this really matters, maybe it does, but the chat representative had bad grammar and misspelled words. This could be telling as to the education level, or lack of nationality of the person you’re interacting with. I logged in 5 minutes later and started the benchmark.

I just want to point out that while you do have access to 40 threads @ 2.5Ghz. The E5-2670 v2 CPU score average of 5768 is much lower than what I expected—5768/40 = 144.2. For comparison, Ramnode premium is about 350-400 per 3.5Ghz thread. Ultimately, you have more processing power than other unmanaged budget VPSs, but at a lower average per thread. The RAM provided to you is also a bit misleading. They say you get 4GB, but free -m shows you that you have 1.5GB RAM, and 2.5G swap. However, the 13523 MB/s throughput is in-line with what you should expect.

I expect more from a 1Gbps port. I feel like I should have more dedicated bandwidth for the price I’m paying. Give speed test a higher priority to fool me or something. The I/O is in the range of reasonable for a Raid-10 SSD array, but it could be faster. The database access times are pretty telling, I’d like to see it much lower. Caching will probably cover this up most of the time, but their access times could be much better. Also, just to point out, you don’t actually have 100% access through SSH—I was unable to utilize the hdparm command.

Final Thoughts
Overall, if money isn’t an issue, these guys will meet your needs and give you a whole lot of features. If you like to have complete control of the system and do things as you see fit—go unmanaged. Access the script I used for the testing here.


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