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We found lankapartner from this forum. We saw the super cheap prices and thought we would give it a go.

Well big mistake!.

Initially I skyped him to discuss his ability to handle my bandwidth. I explained to him that our main station has a average of 250 concurrent listeners streaming at 128k. The 3 other stations average 20-50 concurrent listeners.

Lanka claimed this was no problem and urged us to sign up. So we did and everything was good up until a month later. We started to notice our stream was buffering, disconnecting our listeners and occasionally shut down. This was due to him over selling his server.

He said I was taking up too much bandwidth and that I needed to purchase a larger package. A little “bait and switch”. I was not too happy about this but I went along with it because I had no other option at the time. Now I am paying 5 times the amount I originally was suppose to pay.

Another month goes bye and we have had server issues almost every day. He contacted us again telling us we need to get on a dedicated server. This is far from the truth. He over sold his VPS and either didnt know it or did know it and wanted to do the bait and switch with us.

I played along and told him to wait until our next pay period and we will move over to a dedicated machine. That was our long term goal anyway, we were just not ready yet.

Now we are at 5 days before our payment is due and all my streams are down. No notification from him. I had to skype him to see what was up. He said he was moving us to a different server. At that point I pretty much told him to go eat **** because we were no longer interested in his service.

I highly suggest you go elsewhere. This person does not know how to conduct business.

[10/27/13 11:41:52 PM] Bryon Stout: yea he is a little upset that you over sold the server. especially because we told you the amount of listeners we got
[10/27/13 11:42:40 PM] lankapartner: nothing to upset, according to ur listners no one keeps u in shared host
[10/27/13 11:42:59 PM] lankapartner: u need a dedicated for sure
[10/27/13 11:43:39 PM] lankapartner: its not oversold, we had enough resources for 50+ stations
[10/27/13 11:43:47 PM] lankapartner: now ur statioins using that
[10/27/13 11:43:49 PM] Bryon Stout: [6/18/13 12:34:26 AM] Bryon Stout: I have 4 stations now..
[6/18/13 12:34:32 AM] Bryon Stout: i might just get the reseller account from you
[6/18/13 12:34:51 AM] Bryon Stout: one station gets 250+ concurrent listeners
[6/18/13 12:34:56 AM] Bryon Stout: the others get around 50-150
[6/18/13 12:35:47 AM] lankapartner: no issue
[10/27/13 11:43:59 PM] Bryon Stout: you said no issue
[10/27/13 11:44:05 PM] Bryon Stout:
[10/27/13 11:44:22 PM] lankapartner: so the total that u said 400
[10/27/13 11:44:29 PM] lankapartner: but now u hav one station 400
[10/27/13 11:44:39 PM] Bryon Stout: no
[10/27/13 11:44:51 PM] Bryon Stout: the big station never gets over 300 concurrent
[10/27/13 11:45:01 PM] Bryon Stout: 100-250 averaege
[10/27/13 11:45:04 PM] Bryon Stout:
[10/27/13 11:46:50 PM] Bryon Stout: Listener Peak: 294

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