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Has anyone dealt with RisingNet? Are they any good? What about support and uptime? I have been using them for one of my VPS services. In many ways they are good, but on the support end, forget it. When I called them on the phone I had to leave a message and wait for them to call me back, but they never called me back and I operate one of my main VPS’s with them. I am thinking about seeking someone else. Why? Because when they finally got back to me after several horrifying minutes (only through support tickets and never called me back) of all the sites being down on my VPS I discovered they had failed to reboot their machine often enough. I had rebooted my VPS several times and it was showing it was rebooted and online. But I have clients with whom I promise 99.9% uptime and I am struggling to hold to this commitment with my clients. I was ready to sweat drops of blood, literally after this horrifying experience with them. I pay my bill on time every month without fail. Once all the sites came back up I checked my server email and there were countless errors I have never seen before due to the fact they waited too long to reboot the physical machine.


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