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First post here. I have done a fair bit of reading and research here and around the web. I’m evaluating a change in hosting and am seeking advice / feedback here to compliment the other research I’ve done.

Current account: 1 shared hosting account with Superb for web and email hosting which I’ve had for 10 years. It runs ~$90/year. While my decade with Superb hasn’t been totally trouble free, I’ve been sufficiently satisfied to stick around (until now).

Current websites: a total of ~2G of content across about 5 sites (with a total of 8 domains). Some is static HTML, the rest is low-resource php, gallery, etc. I don’t have any problems with web hosting at the current time.

Current Email: 20 accounts, several of which are quite active. Current storage approaching 1G, >10,000 messages. Several users (myself included) have total inbound volume >100 messages per day including spam that makes it through the filters. Some now use IMAP and have larger ongoing storage needs. There is a 1G total size limit for all email accounts which is now regularly causing problems for our users.

The “big” problem which got me looking at a change: Email storage limit of 1G for the whole account is insufficient. Even with improved spam filtering (which we would like), it would be insufficient for our userbase. I asked about more storage and the answer was an insufficient long-term solution (extra gigs at high costs per gig). 10 years ago, 1G was plenty (no IMAP, much smaller attachments). Today, it’s not. We need more storage now, and I could see number of files being an issue years down the road (10k+ now, 50k in a few years?).

Secondary problem: I’d like to upgrade at least one website (maybe all of them) with various multi-user features ala CMS, blog, forum etc. I presume that’ll be more resource intensive. I doubt there’d be a problem with the current plan, but any new plan would need to handle relatively low traffic dynamic websites. Usage may go up if my users like the new features, but the userbase is small and will stay that way (<20 people).

I can afford more than I’m currently paying, but a significant increase seems unwarranted. I’ve compared a handful of shared hosting providers with prices around $120/year and under and am seeking feedback.

These providers are clearly not suitable:
iPage: email limit of 250MB/box = non-starter
Bluehost: 10 recipients/email = non-starter
Namecheap/ 200MB/box = non-starter

These providers may be suitable:
Arvixie: no published email limits. Are they reliable for email?
Dreamhost: 100 recipients/hour = tolerable. No other limits I can find. Are they reliable for email?

My specific questions are:

1: Is it likely that Arvixie and/or Dreamhost would actually meet our needs? I’ve read the threads about Arvixie and they make me a tad nervous. Haven’t seen enough feedback about Dreamhost email to have a solid opinion.

2: Are there other providers in the $100-$200/year range that would likely meet our needs?

3: Is there a better solution that I’ve missed?

As an aside, I don’t see very much information at all here about Superb. Would a review be useful? Is this the right place for it?


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