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Site Ground Web Hosting are Scam Artists

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I’ll try to make this brief and to the point – and probably fail. Site Ground web hosting is a huge scam. I purchased the GoGeek plan for 1 year which should have allowed me to get 100,000 views per month. The first question I asked the sales rep. was how many people will I be sharing a server with. He quickly replied, without hesitation, 100 accounts.

When I was moved over to Siteground I did a reverse IP and noticed I was actually sharing with over 350 domains. For the first 2 weeks my site was going nice and speedy so I decided to ignore the fact that I was lied to. Two weeks into having the account I started getting disconnection errors, site caching errors, page can’t be displayed errors, etc. Google also showed as time went on that my pages were taking more and more time to download I started getting server error in my webmaster tools.

I did a reverse IP and noticed the amount of domains on my IP had ballooned up to over 550 in a two week period. This was right after the holiday push. I contacted the help desk who at first tried to act like they only had 100 accounts on each domain and the extra domains could be explained by sub domains. I advised them that I could do a reverse IP and see the domains and they finally admitted there were more then 100 accounts per server. Then they tried to pull the whole nonsense of claiming that I should expect this because I was on a shared server.

I told them to move me to a different server with fewer accounts. I was moved twice in a matter of 3 days, which hurt me with Google stats. The best they could do for me was put me on a server with 200 accounts (which is clearly more than the 100 they promised). That server started with just above 350 domains and then once again I notice the numbers rapidly ballooning. This all transpired in a period of 1 month and 20 days. I have 11 help desk tickets and numerous calls of me yelling at them.

As of yesterday (1 month 20 days later), I upgraded to their lowest costing cloud plan – almost $80 per month. They credited me for the 10 months unused to the cloud plan. I asked them to credit me the entire 12 months to the cloud system or after the account credit runs out I would go to another hosting company. There are so many calls, help desk tickets and screen shots as evidence of my issues, they should have had no problem crediting me those extra two months.

I had to go through the help desk ticketing system to get a supervisor to look at this issue. They will not put a supervisor on the phone – which is a BIG mistake. They refused to give me the full 12 months back on my account credit. They gave all kinds of excuses, like I should be lucky to get the credit I got since I purchased my hosting plan at a discount. I yelled at two reps over the phone and used all kinds of profanities, because they quite frankly deserved it. Honestly, I would be happy to pay more for a hosting plan, as is evident will my upgrade, if the company actually delivered the service they claim they will. Site Ground has not once delivered the service they promised. I’ve had a horrible experience with them.

Site Ground simply cannot handle site with any traffic. They want sites that get under 50 views per day. I was only getting 300-400 views per day, on a plan that should allow me to get 3,300 views per day, and the server could not handle it.
Once my account credit runs out with them I will be moving to another host. For now on I will only use companies that allow you to purchase plans month-to-month. This is just an unbelievable scam Site Ground is running, and unfortunately, they are not the first web hosting company that has tried to pull this nonsense. I’m obviously not going to use them anymore and I encourage others to stay away as well.

On another note, my credit card company won’t let their charges go through without me talking to the security team and authorizing it– which should have been a red flag to me. I talked to people at my credit card company who said they use tactics that appear to be fraudulent, thus raising a red flag. One of the reps. of Site Ground attempted to send me an alternative link to pay with because the first payment wouldn’t go through. The second wouldn’t go through either and my credit card company says it was because the second link was for a casino company, which they will not let go through on their system. I don’t know what all of that means, but it is yet another sign to stay away from this company.

Overall, Site Ground has shown itself to be liars, scam artists and unreliable. I whole heartedly recommend staying away from them unless you’re itching to waste money and spend an absurd amount of time trouble shooting issues that are a result of them over selling their servers.

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