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Hello guys,

I have gotten to the point of utter frustration a long time ago but decided to vent out just now. I’m afraid it’s quite a long read, so I apologize for that. Here’s the saga of incompetent support.

I moved to Stablehost just over two months ago. I was using hostgator and believed that I was paying a bit too much for my WordPress 300 hits (~100 visitors) website. So I found a nice sales page about Stable host here, researched them and as the positive reviews were more than the negative (negative reviews will always exist), I decided to sign up and payed upfront for half a year.

All went well for one month. At the end of the first month I got a message that there would be a short maintenance downtime on my server.. no worries, everything was still working after that and i didn’t think about it anymore.

Well into my second month I was testing some changes to pagespeed and found that my site was a bit slow. Since i was using Google Pagespeed I started to check if somehow it was failing. After I disabled pagespeed and checked the website.. 6 to 9 seconds load time.

Keep in mind that i did not add any new WP plugins, but I recognized that it’s time to disable some of the old ones just to make sure. Disabled everything relevant including pagespeed and checked the usage statistics they provide. My website was still using 100% CPU and I/O. I was concerned, so I asked support about the sudden change in site speed.

Their reply? I had too many pictures on the site.

Snippet from the email I got:


Currently, wordpress is installed in your site.

There are many images files present in the document root of your site. Please note that large number of image files can cause the site to use high resources. Hence follow either of the two methods mentioned below to reduce the resource usage.

Wait, what? I had one big banner at about 32kb and some other small images. You know, a basic WP theme. And even.. just even if I had loads of images.. I had google pagespeed.. in no way would they register that many hits on the website since I’m using google’s bloody CDN (properly configured I might add)!

But let’s be naive here and think that pagespeed did not help with this problem, we’re still looking at 312kb for the whole page. Even if that was one picture showing over and over it would not use that many resources.

Therefore, I went back for an explanation. I got a copy-paste over from a tech blog about reducing the image size and optimizing databases.

So I was frustrated, but accepted my fate. I decided to ask them to reset my billing login since I was unable to remember my password. They resetted my site’s WP admin password and changed the email. Maybe I was a bit vague by referring to the billing backend as a “client backend“.. but really, I just think it’s incompetence.

Snippet of my request.


I seem to have misplaced not only my password but also my security question for the client backend (not cpanel). Can you guys help me with that?

You know what’s the funny part? I started reading some other reviews about them. I’m not the only one. Everyone complains about slowness with them. And the kicker? They have a money-back policy.. and it expired 1-2 days before i noticed the slow website speed and the “resource usage”.

So there we have it, my rant is done. Once again, I apologize for the long writing and cordially advise that you do not use this host if you have a small WordPress website.


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