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Google chrome will disabled the green lock?

Google Chrome says goodbye to green ‘Secure’ lock on HTTPS sites Is it true? Source

Firefox Announces Secure Contexts Everywhere for New Features

All web-exposed features on Firefox must be served on HTTPS/TLS from now on HTTPS is not just for websites, despite the fact that this is a common misconception. Granted, securing the connection between a website and a browser is the main job of HTTPS. But, there are certain ‘features’...

ModulesGarden Servertastic SSL For cPanel – Deliver Web Security At Its Utmost Level!

This week, we are genuinely pleased to present you the brand new addition to our offer: a neat module that will serve the role of a perfect supplement to web hosting businesses of any size – welcome Servertastic SSL For cPanel! With Servertastic SSL For cPanel, you will be...