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Google Apps for Business

Hi All, I need to sign up around 14 more customers to Google Apps so I can qualify to be a reseller/partner with them. Can I ask for f… | Read the rest of Source

finally time to upgrade? [help]

I’ve been hosting several dozen sites on (reseller) for over 10 years. They’ve been absolutely GREAT! However, one of m… | Read the rest of Source

Is VPS good for joomla ecommerce scripts ?

What webhost you recommend for a reasonable price ?… | Read the rest of Source

What is the best hosting for ecommerce ?

Your help is greatly appreciated. I have small ecommerce website with justhost ($6/mo) and my friend said if i drive more traffic to my sit… | Read the rest of Source

i would like some advice

i just started and I’m having some trouble getting customers and i cant figure out why any one have some tips they can throw at me ?… | Read the rest of Source

Same arvixe problem with DNS as post #8623698 by Zukki

Same exact experience as Zukki except that I didn’t register my name with arvixe. Very bad start and so frustrating after finally reaching t… | Read the rest of Source

Monitor/Status Page Sub-Domain Prefix

Hi, If you use any external script other than WHMCS Status Page, then on which subdomain will you host it ?? Will it be : 1. uptime[/… | Read the rest of Source

Country of servers

It always used to be said that you are better off hosting your site on servers that are in your country, ie I’m in the UK and my sites are h… | Read the rest of Source

.php extention webpages are not working on godaddy today

hello everyone, My website in trouble I don’t what happened today my webpages with .php ext not loading. Others like .xml or .jpg ar… | Read the rest of Source

[Hostfly] – cPanel + Softacolous, Php/MySql, Zend/IonCube @ $17.70/year. PayPal/LR

Hello Friends, We are offering cPanel + Softacolous Hosting @ $17.70/year this week. – 10 GB Disk Space – 200 GB Bandwidth – Unlimited Domain parking – Php 5.2 with IonCube/Zend 3.x enabled – cPanel 11.x control panel – Softacolous (One click install) – AwStats (Realtime) –...