Top Web Hosting Offers for ‘someone’

Selection for Datacenter for VPS hosting

I would like to provide VPS hosting service. Can someone suggest best datacenter which can be used on cheap reate yet stable and reliable so that I can sale VPS on chep rate? Source

Ddns & Dns

I would like to know What is DDNS & DNS Can someone explain me? Source

Independent hosting technical comparison companies

We’d like another independent company to test our page loading speeds and compare them to our competitors. The last company we used was LoadImpact – and they were great – but I was thinking that it might be better to use a different one this time. ‘Two opinions are...

Offshore hosting legal implications

hello, We are a company established in USA. There is a website that has copied our format and business model, but is hosted in central america. We are exploring legal action. Does anyone know what leverage a US company might have in this situation? Would appreciate any feedback or...

Good Bulk Email Script for VPS?

I am trying to find a bulk email script suitable for a single user to install on a VPS to manage email lists and schedule sending of newsletters etc, can anyone make a recommendation? i see a few on CodeCanyon but am hoping someone can recommend one from there...

Anyone try Sentora?

Hello, I found this new free and open source webhosting panel. Someone test it? At moment I have problem installation Source

smart tv for pc

Hello if I use an smart tv HD for use as pc monitor .Will that put a risk of my pc stuff be seen by someone thru the smart tv interface via the internet wi fi connection? Source

About SSL Certificate

Well, I don’t really know about SSL Certificate. Could someone help me with it? And what are reasonable prices range of it? Thx in advance. Source

SEO sever

Hey, guys Someone told me,"Seo servers are specially designed for hosts who need a lot of IP addresses without hassle." But I really don’t know why they need that much IPs or someone could tell me more about SEO servers? Thanks in advance. Source

Cloudflare Email Options And Other Cloudflare Questions

I’m probably going to use Cloudflare on some new sites. But I’m wondering a few things about it. Sorry for the newbish questions but I rarely work on these things.. 1) How private will your true website host IPs really be? If the true IP is found a DDoS...