Top Web Hosting Offers for ‘someone’

Anyone try Sentora?

Hello, I found this new free and open source webhosting panel. Someone test it? At moment I have problem installation Source

smart tv for pc

Hello if I use an smart tv HD for use as pc monitor .Will that put a risk of my pc stuff be seen by someone thru the smart tv interface via the internet wi fi connection? Source

About SSL Certificate

Well, I don’t really know about SSL Certificate. Could someone help me with it? And what are reasonable prices range of it? Thx in advance. Source

SEO sever

Hey, guys Someone told me,"Seo servers are specially designed for hosts who need a lot of IP addresses without hassle." But I really don’t know why they need that much IPs or someone could tell me more about SEO servers? Thanks in advance. Source

Cloudflare Email Options And Other Cloudflare Questions

I’m probably going to use Cloudflare on some new sites. But I’m wondering a few things about it. Sorry for the newbish questions but I rarely work on these things.. 1) How private will your true website host IPs really be? If the true IP is found a DDoS...

Discovering parent hosting companies

Hello, I was wondering if anyone who’s experienced in the industry could shed some light on how to find out which parent datacenter or hosting company a reseller may be using? The idea for me is there is there’s always a lot of “marketing magic” that happens when people...

Actually CALL the phone number

With my recent host (and some in the past), I have learned the importance to actually call the phone number before signing up. A lot of people see a web hosting service provider offering (or publishing) their phone number on their website for everyone to see and they think;... = HORRIBLE!

I wanted to point this out to anyone else using burst net: I have a VPS with them, paid every month, never usually any problems. This weekend, I noticed the box was running slow. I attempted to log into the vps, got the logon prompt but stopped responding. I...

horrendous bitcoin rate at shinjiru

it is not new for me that shinjiru has a fixed bitcoin rate but they always deviates greatly from the real bitcoin rate.current 0.0026btc per usd and this rate exists since 2 months. and i find this really overpriced. I know bitcoins only without fees… This entry passed through...

My search for a share Hosting provider

Hello everyone. I am usually not involved in forums but I would like to share my experience with everyone here. I am in the West Cost and signed up with a host in 2000 that was recommend by a friend. I switched in 04 for bandwidth reason and went...