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What file sharing server company should i use?

I have a file sharing site that is pushing about 100tb a month and it is very expensive to run. I am looking for a managed solution that is inexpensive. Can someone give me some recommendations please with prices? I am willing to switch to a new server company...

[RARE] Webhosting with rotative IP addresses

Hello. I’m looking for a service able to rotate IP addresses once a day / 2 days, or/and whenever I want. Like a Dynamic IP address. I’ve tried searching on the net with no luck. I guess it shouldn’t even exist that service. Any idea is very much appreciated....

Hosting for my site?

Welcome to WHT!Is that how many users you have online now? 1k users online on a forum would really need VPS, or maybe even dedicated, especially if your forum uses AJAX. A managed VPS/dedicated host would do everything for you – you do not need to learn how to...

Need someone to tighten my site security , getting DDOSed everyday

Hello , I need someone to tighten my site security and mod security , i am getting DDOSed . Contact me here

Urgently Require someone to help resolve Kernel issue CentOS

Hello, I just sent you a PM. Please kindly check! Thank you,