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Need at least 10TB to start. Potentially, could need that much every week, or even every day, so it needs to be with a provider that will allow unlimited scalability.

Budget is open, just looking for the absolute best deal per TB possible, with a solid, established provider to scale with.

Are you looking to build your own SAN, or lease space on someone else’s? Or were you planning to just throw a bunch of servers together in a big pile of JBOD?

Take a look at Wholesale Internet. Their server options vary day by day, but they’re cheap and good and offer unlimited bandwidth. Just don’t expect any bells or whistles for the price. OVH is also cheap, though you’ll lose a lot of configuration ability. Check the terms of both providers to make sure you aren’t violating their acceptable usage policies.

However, for storage capacity that size, you should probably stop thinking about “cheapest” and instead go for “most reliable”. The headache of rebuilding 10+ TB of lost data from a HD failure will be a nightmare. Take a look at Limestone or BurstNET (again, check their terms to make sure you’re within the realm of their AUP), then build your own SAN with them. For 10TB with room to grow, you’re probably best off going with colo gear somewhere. Even with the occasional remote hands, you’ll save a fortune.

Just a heads up about your usage, though. You said “10 TB per week, possibly per day”. You’re going to need at least a dedicated 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit connection, and that’s going to cost you. A 100 megabit port can only move about 31 TB per month at full bore, and that’s assuming no network overhead whatsoever and totally flawless network conditions — neither of which will ever happen in the real world. And since most of your “cheapest” providers are going to offer 10 or 100 megabit ports, or pooled gigabit ports, you’re going to run into a major speed bump.

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