Thinking about migrating to HostBill? Get a ‘refugee discount’!

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

HostBill is an extremely feature rich and well-developed all-in-one platform for automation, billing, client management and support. However we do understand that even though HostBill is the perfect solution for many online businesses, making a switch from other similar system that you are currently using and migrating all the data might seem overwhelming and a bit of a hassle. We’ve been on the market for nearly 9 years now and since day one we’ve been asked numerous questions regarding migration to HostBill from competitive billing/automation systems. Over the years we’ve performed dozens migrations and as a result we’ve worked out set of best practices for migration to HostBill.

Read our blog post to find out all you need to know about migration to HostBill, including how to get a refugee discount!


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