Trying to decide between A2Hosting, Namecheap and others- help is appreciated!

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

As mentioned in the other thread I started today, I’m considering leaving Dreamhost for another company(You can see that post here: I won’t get into my reasons as they are described in that thread.

I have a few hosts I’m considering, and was just hoping to get some feedback that may or may not sway my decision. If a rep from A2 or Namecheap or the others want to chime in, please do.

Here are the hosts I’ve narrowed things down to.

I am looking for shared plans for now(could upgrade later) to host several websites, mostly based on WordPress. None of these are very high traffic sites at the moment, though I would love that to change on one or two of them. I’m not sure exactly how much space I’ll be needing along the way, but I’m thinking that 15-20GB would suffice for now between all the sites. Of course, I realize the nature of the business is to offer “Unlimited”, and I understand what that actually means, and unlike some people, I do read the TOS now before signing up for a host(something I didn’t do a few years ago).

The one I’m leaning towards is A2hosting. Their fully SSD hosting is attractive, and with the current discount, will set me back around $105 for the first year. Most reviews I could find are very good(though their current status monitor lists several servers as being down since yesterday, but maybe I’m missing something?).

Next is Namecheap, as they seem to have extremely good prices and a stellar reputation as well.

Stablehost and Site5 don’t grab me as much as the others, but they are tied in a distant 3rd place. I’m putting them here in case somebody has a great reason why they should be considered more.

So I’m looking for feedback on things like flexibility(Dreamhost was very flexible in it’s options with it’s custom control panel), server speeds, service response times, etc. I did get a nearly instant response on Facebook from Adam at A2hosting, which was a good sign. I haven’t inquired with Namecheap yet, but I’ve seen both A2 and Namecheap around here being responsive to questions.

I just need a site that will perform well and be available(I know, pretty much what everyone needs). The full SSD hosting is a plus for A2, but the pricing is a plus for Namecheap(I can get two years of their 100GB plan for $115). I would love to, and I’m ready to, purchase a year or even two years in advance, but I’m afraid of doing that and then being unhappy and having to move everything back, ask for a refund, etc. But I could really do with saving some money since we just had our second child and child care for two children is through the roof!

Both hosts have a “first invoice” promotion, which is what makes me want to go with the longer plans as it makes them more affordable. I wonder if either one of them will let me pay one or two months on a monthly plan, then honor the first invoice promotions if I switch to a longer term after that?

Any thoughts are appreciated, and though I’m open to other hosts, I’m pretty convinced that I want to use one of these as I’ve done a LOT of research already.



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