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We always offer:

1) FREE SiteLock Basic (What’s SiteLock?)
2) No contracts.
3) Unlimited 24/7 "we got your back" support.
4) 100% USA Tech Support.
5) APS400 –> 99.99% network uptime verified by third party.
6) Optional Fully Managed Services
7) NEW 6 month lease get’s you a FREE SSL from Trustwave. Contact us for details.
8) Dell PowerEdge hardware
9) Testimonials: https://www.serchen.com/company/hosting-and-designs/
10) Bitcoin/credit cards/PayPal accepted
11) WordPress designs, FREE or custom design work available.
12) iThemes WordPress Security included in all VPS plans.
13) 60 day prorated money back guarantee

Assistance with any of the following:
Server load & slowness problems
Package installations
DNS configuration
Network related issues
Boot failures
Email setup & configuration
Software upgrades & patches
Script errors & website troubleshooting
Software firewall setup
Free, off-server ftp Backups per request

Stay informed: https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog

1) Staying up to Speed on Dedicated Server Security https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=1746
2) Malware is Here to Stay https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=1881
3) Will Hackers Attack Your Small Online Business? https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=458
4) Developing a Backup Plan https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=1070
5) Small Business Server Security https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=1521
6) Securing Office Networks and Routers https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/Blog/?p=2054
And more: https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/HD/category/blog/

According to a report from Software Advice, 66% of businesses are afraid that they could become
victims of cybercrime. Even more startling, 21% of those surveyed did not think their data was well
secured. Malware, hackers and viruses can easily find this out.
We help protect our clients.


Konrad F. – We’ve had a vps with Hostings and Designs for a few years now and their support
staff have always been extremely responsive whenever we’ve needed their assistance. Their
prices are fantastic too! Serchen.com

Shanu V. — I have used Hosting and Designs since 2005 and will recommend their service as
second to none, I cannot fault them in any way and their technical support is the best
I have ever experienced. Facebook.com

Kellie S. – Thank you for the services you have provided, your customer support has always
been outstanding and I have no hesitation recommending you to others. Direct email

Diane B. – Hosting and Design[s’] officials were very efficient and responsive to our needs.
They offered great suggestions to improve the website. Serchen.com


Hosting And Designs L.L.C. VPS Plans:
VPS plans available here: https://hostinganddesigns.com/vps-configurator/

Configure your VPS plan to fit your specific needs.


SiteLock Basic (What’s SiteLock?)

VPS listed here are located on East Coast USA, Wilkes-Barre PA USA.

"It’s not just a numbers game, it’s the people behind the numbers"

VPS plans available here: https://www.hostinganddesigns.com/HD/vps-hosting/


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