Which Shared Hosting Treats Its Affiliates RIGHT? (Hostgator Complaint)

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I am a web designer on an extremely small scale. Over the past 8 years or so I have referred a handful of clients to Hostgator. I have, for the most part, been extremely happy with them.

Not only that, but almost every time I referred a client to Hostgator, I also enjoyed their $50 commission, which was paid out within a few months of the sale.

This process, however, has almost never been without difficulty. Every single time, there was some kind of glitch, and I often had to fight, through the years, to get a commission that I rightfully earned. Not only that, their backend affiliate system has been crippled from the get-go. They seem to have put ZERO funds into creating and maintaining a working affiliate system, and often records have to be updated by hand after submitting a support ticket.

This less-than-stellar situation has now entered a new level of bad. Hostgator has instituted new policies (they did it a while ago, actually), and I believe it’s because of the company that took them over. I don’t know the details of that, I just know that some people on various forums have complained about the company taking Hostgator over. Now, you have to make TWO sales in order to get your payout of $100, and you have to make them within 180 days of each other.

For someone like me, who only refers a handful of clients, one or two a year (if that), this is the death knell for affiliate commissions.

My own daughter purchased hosting in February entirely because she knew that I’d get a commission out of it. Then this month, my church purchased hosting. Both of these Hostgator customers would not have EVER gone to Hostgator if I had not encouraged them to do so. Hostgator has two new customers now because of ME.

But I will not get my rightful $100 because the first purchase was more than 180 days ago.

This NEVER would have happened a few years ago. A few years ago I would have received my $50 after the February purchase. And if their old policies were still in place, I would now be anticipating my next $50 in December. But NO……. I’ve now lost out on the $50 that MY OWN DAUGHTER expected me to get, and since I don’t foresee another purchase within the next 6 months on my recommendation, I will not get the $50 that I thought I’d be getting from my church, because I haven’t yet made two sales within the right time period!! I have been busting my BUTT working on the church website on a completely volunteer basis… and I thought I’d at least be getting a commission out of the hosting. But now that is even being taken from me.


It cheats, it robs, and it sucks honest affiliates dry with these new institutionalized policies. They started out doing the right thing by honoring EVERY SINGLE SALE. Now they have these arbitrary corporate policies that SERVE ONLY GREED.

What possible difference can it make if my second sale is made one month later than they would have liked it to be made? HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY HURT THEM?!?

On the other hand, they are SEVERELY hurting me, now, because of their greed and arbitrary decisions.

So my question is: WHAT HOSTING COMPANY OUT THERE HAS A BETTER AFFILIATE POLICY? What hosting company has an affiliate system that actually WORKS? (Hostgator’s system has been broken for several years now… all of the money I’ve earned from them has come after much hand wringing and multiple support tickets, and reassurances that they were working on fixing things except they never did… I’ve had it with them!!!) What hosting company treats its affiliates with the respect that they deserve, no matter how few or how infrequently they bring customers in? THE FACT IS: They wouldn’t HAVE the customers that affiliates like me bring in! My referrals have not been people who were out there looking for hosting. They were people who turned to me, first and last, to get their sites set up. I HAVE CREATED AN INCOME FOR HOSTGATOR, BUT HOSTGATOR IS ROBBING ME OF MINE!!!

Whichever hosting company I switch to also has to offer cPanel, and the levels of unlimited services that Hostgator offers. IS there such an animal these days?

Or have they ALL now succumbed to corporate greed and disrespect for their loyal, long-suffering affiliates? Is this a hopeless quest?

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