Why am I getting a Poor MTA error when trying to send mail?

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You are trying to send mail to someone that you have always sent mail to, and now you are getting an error that has something in it that says "Poor MTA" or the more dreaded word, "Blacklist." These things do happen more often than you think. People who use their email accounts to send out massive amount of email tend to get reported as "Spam" and causes the server you are on to get this poor reputation or blacklist. Here are a few things to check to see if this has happened to you.

1. Go to a website https://mxtoolbox.com and check to see what you MX (Mail Exchanger) record is. There will be an IP address, grab that.

2. Using the same website as above, there will be an option at the top that says "Blacklists." Click on that and then enter the IP address on the page. What you are doing is checking to see if your server got put on a Blacklist do to many spam reports by other users.

3. To check the repuation of your Mail Server, go to this website here, https://talosintelligence.com. Put the same IP address into the box at the top. When the screen loads, there will be something there about email reputation, if it says poor, well, then you are on a poor reputation.

How can I avoid these horrible lists?

One of the best options is to sign up somewhere with an Exchange email plan. This lets you syncronize everything easier and allows you to avoid any kid of blacklist.


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