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Hello All!

In 2011 I was having some trouble with my current host (that has since been worked out and is now working beyond my expectations) and started to shop around for a new host.

I contacted and was told by sales that could meet my needs (there is some specialized redirecting and a few other things that needed to be set up on their end that I could not access from my side). They assured me that they could do it. I signed up (they had a money-back guarantee, etc.) and it turned out that they were *not* able to help me.

I contacted the support rep and said, no problem — thanks for trying, and we’ll need to go ahead and cancel the account. The support rep said, “Sorry, can’t do it for you, you need to contact Sales”… Ok… no problem. I contact the sales rep that set up the account and he tells me there is a form I need to fill out and submit…. Ok… no problem. I fill it out and submit it… I’m later told they didn’t get it.

I resubmit. Still claim they didn’t get it. I send another letter via regular mail saying I wish to cancel the account based on their money-back guarantee… they say they never got that letter EITHER!

Ok… well… after 3 emails, and 3 letters… I give up and simply dispute it with my credit card company and I win. I get the $179.40 back and all is fine.

A year later… (mind you, the account has been cancelled and NO domain ever pointed, and NOTHING ever uploaded… and NO activity. NOTHING.) guess what? I get ANOTHER charge for $179.40. I figure… no problem, I disputed it last year, I’ll just do it again…

This time they fight the dispute — I provide copies of all my letters… InMotionHosting denies ever getting the letters. We even conference call (Discover Card, InMotion & Myself) and InMotion admits the service was never used… but since they claim they never got the letters, they won’t credit my card.

I ask what stops any merchant from simply playing these games and Discover says, rather candidly, nothing.

At the end of the day I blocked the merchant from my Discover Card and Discover gave me a “courtesy credit” for the $179.40… but the thieves still got my money. Discover is also looking for other possible history of similar “activities” by this merchant.

So… which leads me here… would you just be happy you got the money and forget about it or would you still have a bug about it?? It just burns me that they got paid for doing nothing.

Thank you for reading.

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